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Forever Love Spell

Forever love

Love a beautiful word, and once we are in love we are like in the seven heavens. We fall in love in different ways, and we exactly do not know when we would fall in love, it can be when we are a teenager or can be when we are in our mid-twenties or might be when we are a matured man or a woman, but whenever we fall in love that is the best experience.

Many times it has also been noticed that we do fall in love but that love is not forever, at some point of time in life we fail to keep our places clean for which we end up breaking our relationship. This situation can be taken care with the help of love spells, love spells can help you and your lover to be with each other till death apart both of you. One such spell is written below which you can cast yourself for a forever love.

You need to take a cloth of the male and a cloth of the female which they would love to wear, tie them together and hang them inside a closet, for 23 days sprinkle rose water on the cloths you have kept 10 times and when doing so enchant the below spell, once done then you and your lover can wear the cloth, both of you will never leave each other.

“Love thee, love me

Love you, love bee

Luvu luvas lunuu luaass

Love thee, love me

Love you, love bee”

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